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Document Technologies hosting allows scanned images to be accessed and viewed securely via the internet. An authorised user has on-demand access to their documents, 24x7, direct from their PC regardless of their location. Document Technologies hosting provides a powerful, online document management system allowing multi-user profiles and extensive search options, with no software implementation on our client's servers. Any employee with internet access and a user account can log into the system, search and view their scanned documents via a web browser.

General Overview 

  • Online global access to business critical information  
  • Secure user logon and password
  • Intuitive, browser-based product
  • Minimal training required
  • Comprehensive search facility allows users to pinpoint a document in seconds
  • Offline storage for older images


  • Access images 24x7 via the internet from any location worldwide
  • User-defined security levels
  • Upload scanned images from CD, in-house scanning applications or via our accredited bureau
  • Monthly charges based on number of users and documents stored online
  • No capital spend on document management software
  • No software installation/maintenance required on Client’s server
  • Full disaster recovery service
  • Full backup service
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