Electronic document & records management (EDRM) captures all documents and information, bringing them into a managed environment. This includes both electronic and paper documents, not just those created internally but also those received from external sources, which are then treated in a unified way. It creates a single start point when searching for information, making documents easily accessible and quickly retrievable

Document Technologies can provide a complete solution in the areas of document, information and archive management, image processing, workflow and document routing. We are dedicated to providing document management solutions tailored to the needs of your organisation.

If you already have EDRM software or a digitisation process we can offer audit services. We have found in a lot of cases that clients EDRM systems are not functioning to maximum efficiency. In the worse cases documents are not being scanned to a legible quality and index information (the information used to find a document in a system) is not being entered correctly. We can audit your system and provide a full report and recommendations for improvement.

Services Division

Scanning Bureau

Software Solutions

Our services division offers a full range of consultancy, advice, audit, business planning, training, support services and project management.

Our full service bureau partner offers a high quality scanning and data entry service for organisations wanting to scan their documents or capture data.

We can offer advice on EDRM software packages whether your requirements are email management, web management, content management, workflow or a complete corporate document & content management system.

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